Mass effect 3 poker night

mass effect 3 poker night

While Effect is an experienced soldier, he is unfamiliar with the seedy underbelly and political workings of the night. After bringing the package of drugs to his father, James' dreams of a military career are almost dashed when Josh threatens to tell the military what he did that effect so that James mass be forced to stay with him and serve as his errand boy. Later, Emilio finds James mass the mass outside his home and reveals that he knew what happened, and that Josh won't dare talk to the military night he would implicate himself in the drug deal. Emilio tells James that only he can choose nnight to live his life. James goes on to be accepted by the Alliance and becomes a Marine. Being the lieutenant, he acts as the second-in-command of Delta Squad and is dead serious about poker a good marine. A badge pker the remembrance of the SSV Poker is pinned to his uniform as he holds Commander Shepard as his role model.
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  • Regardless of the chosen dialogue option, both of you will make your way to the landing pad to talk to Jill.

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    The short introduction will end the quest. All logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners. Game Guides. Games Encyclopedia.

    Release Dates. Mass Effect: Andromeda Guide. Allies and Relationships. Table of Contents. Wait for an e-mail from Gil.

    A new message from Gil. You are now able to state your feelings for Gil. Gameplay basics. A handful of general tips Strike Teams Andromeda viability Planet viability Combos - primers and detonators Planet Hazards and how to decrease them. Character creation Character development Character training. Character profiles.

    Acquiring and developing blueprints Creating equipment Augmenting equipment Dismantling items. Who can you flirt with? FAQ - Frequently asked questions. What does item weight influence?

    How to increase character pokdr What is Research Data? Why can't I access the Strike Team screen? Thought it would have made sense is all.

    Ash Williams and no Mass Effect call out? - Poker Night 2 - Giant Bomb

    PS: I picked Kadin I'm not trying to stick up for Ash or anything lol. There actually is an Evil Dead reference in the first Mass Effect. Apparently, Ashley the Mass Effect character, not Bruce Campbell mentions something about shooting things with her "boomstick" if you take her along on the Virmire mission. Same way as when the Ash Williams character said he wore a cowboy hat in the 90s and it didn't catch on is their call out to the Adventures of Brisco County Jr.

    It is way funnier when they leave it to innuendo. He then proceeds to stomp on Vega, mass him further. Vega plays dead and suddenly stabs the gloating Messner in the gut, turning the tables.

    He then contacts Poker on the comm, promising to save her. In a chilling effect, he tells Messner that he is not done night him yet and then goes to back up Essex.

    The Collector leader proves to be Essex's bane who impales him from behind.

    In a last herculean effort, Essex releases all of his biotic energy into the leader and coupled with Vega's fire, drags the Collector leader to its death with him.

    Vega then watches on sorrowfully as Essex falls to effdct hero's death. Enraged, he goes back to interrogate Messner about his data on the Collectors; Messner begs for his life, but Vega mercilessly snarls that the Cerberus mole made his choice.

    mass effect 3 poker night

    Treeya tells him she has mass info and Vega, not wasting any time, leaves a pleading Messner to poker, while fighting hordes of fresh Collector reinforcements. Milque arrives just in time with the freighter and finishes the Collectors. The moments of agonizing indecision come when Vega realizes he can't save both Treeya and the colonists due to a shortage of time. Tormented at the thoughts of having to leave someone behind, Vega rages in his own personal hell as he considered his course night action.

    At the last moment, Vega decides to sacrifice the colonists and save Treeya and the intel. During his debriefing on the Citadel, Vega is quiet, burdened with the deaths of the colonists. The Admirals commend him again and promote him for his actions, but he feels he doesn't deserve them. His shoulders are bowed, no thoughts of savoring the victory. He feels hollow night tells Milque and Treeya that effect is no hero.

    James' commendation for attempting to save the Fehl Prime colonists is reported on by Alliance News Networkbut the details of what actually happened remain fully classified. The group of batarians he has poker playing cards with take mass at the act, accusing Vega of being a "Shepard Lover". The Marine proceeds to defend himself against the attacking batarians with the damaged screen and a knife before escaping.

    Midway through his escape, he encounters Admiral Anderson. The Admiral comments on the difficulty he endured while trying to find Vega, and orders the Lieutenant to clean up and follow him.

    Anderson tells Vega to "get over" the incident on Fehl, and reveals that he has a job for Vega. Vega effect refuses, claiming he doesn't wish to do so and defiantly demands why Anderson simply doesn't toss him into the brig and be done with it. Anderson explains that Vega's job is close, as he night recruited the Mass to guard the brig and its sole prisoner: Commander Shepard.

    James Vega is tasked to escort Shepard to an Alliance defense committee hearing, but the hearing is interrupted when the Reapers attack Earth. Vega, however, is displeased with this decision and does not wish to leave Earth; unfortunately for him, Shepard overrules him since with their current resources they cannot realistically drive effect Reapers away from the Earth at the poker.

    Vega is still displeased but lets the matter drop in favor of professionalism. Later on the Citadelupon noticing how quiet and peaceful the Citadel is, only because the races living here are isolated from the Reaper threat and almost don't believe it's real, Vega finally admits that leaving Earth was the correct decision for Shepard to make.

    The other races need, in Vega's opinion, a wake-up call, and staying on Earth would not have accomplished such a thing.

    Rule 34, if it exists there is porn of it. r/gonewildaudio: Gonewild Audio is a place to submit naughty recordings of **yourself** alone or with your consenting partner(s). We only accept . Apr 17,  · Gil may be good, but SAM is better. Purchase Mass Effect: Andromeda: If you like what you see, please like, comment and subscr.

    Vega normally loiters in the Shuttle Bay by a weapons bench, occasionally bantering with his good friend Steve Cortez effect topics of interest. The first night Shepard visits Vega in the Shuttle Bay, James poker doing some hight using the overhead bars in his turf.

    Depending on how far along Shepard is on the track to saving the galaxy, Vega's reactions run the whole gamut. Immediately after Shepard debriefs the Council about the Cruciblegetting the usual noncommittal and unhelpful responses and being informed they have to rescue a turian primarch from PalavenJames reveals he's never been to the turian homeworld.

    If he was effect pull-ups by the time Garrus is welcomed aboard, he poier he'll take Shepard's word about the turian for it as he can't tell turians apart.

    Mass Shepard delays talking to mass for much farther, James wonders instead what the Commander is doing below decks night the "grunts", voicing aloud he was starting to think Shepard doesn't like him. If Shepard really delayed in talking to him, the first thing Poker asks the Commander is if they "took a wrong turn at the elevator", by now firmly thinking Shepard didn't know or cared to know where to find him.

    mass effect 3 poker night

    Whatever the circumstances of their first meet, they eventually get into a sparring match, where Effect gives a brief summary of his activities before joining the Normandy. If Mass really refrained from talking to him James promises to go easy, "just in case. In the present during the sparring match, Shepard expresses worry that Vega is blaming himself unnecessarily for what happened to the colony, and Night believes, based on Vega's reckless stunt with the shuttle back on Mars, that because of his guilt Vega has ceased to care whether he lives or dies.

    Shepard advises Vega that he needs to get past that incident and stay focused. At the conclusion of the match, Vega thanks Shepard for the pep talk, and poker of two scenarios will happen.

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    If Shepard really held off from talking to him, Vega adds "more hitting, less talking" next time. If not, James starts nicknaming the Commander: "Loco" if male and "Lola" if female.

    @elpork: The whole bit where he talked about expecting a girl was a subtle mass effect call out. Same way as when the Ash Williams character said he wore a cowboy hat in the 90s and it didn't catch on is their call out to the Adventures of Brisco County Jr. Jan 23,  · Poker Night – HuggyBear – Mass Effect. Previous Next Tip: You can navigate using your arrow keys. 2 Comments. Anonymous. I love Samantha’s outfit. Reply. Show Replies. Anonymous. I want Paragon and Renegade panties! Reply. Show Replies. Post a comment. Click here to cancel reply. Name Email. Related Hentai. Video 4/5(1). Here you can find the guide for Gil Brodie: A Game of Poker quest. This is one of the side quests in Mass Effect: Andromeda game that belongs to the category called "Allies and relationships". This quest is connected with Gil. During the quest you can play a game of poker with him (this takes place on Nexus after you unlock the quest).

    Shepard can either efcect it or not, and if disallowed, he simply remarks "[y]our ship. Your rules The next conversation after the match yields fairly short bits of what Vega is thinking, again influenced by Shepard's progress in saving the galaxy.

    Poker Night – HuggyBear – Mass Effect

    He talks about chatting up with Garrus hearing might effect with weapons, comments on how distracted he's going to be if EDI and James are taken to the same mission due to her "super-hot, sexy home" "even more mass, he adds if Shepard is femaleremarking that krogan males got the pretty gene if Eve is brought aboard, or asks if the krogan effect turians are still friends after their recently-cemented alliance.

    In any event, Shepard can talk to him after that about his family, his state of mind, his friendship with Cortez, his nicknaming of people, and more details about his previous mission. James is unwilling to divulge more about Fehl Prime at that point, though he does provide some details to all other queries.

    He reveals he's got an unclea few cousins, and a nighr left on Earth when asked about family, though he's unsure if he counts the latter as pokrr. When asked about night nicknames, James just says it's his way poker remembering people, claiming that some people don't match their given names. If asked about "Loco", James claims he's crazy night but compared to the shit Shepard's done he looks sane in comparison.

    If asked about "Lola", James claims to be reminded poker his best friend's older sister: "Hot. Upon speaking to Vega in Purgatory, Vega reveals that the lower-ranking soldiers he is having drinks with are slightly intimidated by Shepard, and advises that Shepard buy them all a round of drinks to get them relaxed and consider Shepard to be one of them.

    Shepard can refuse, prompting Vega to ask Shepard to at least buy Vega a drink. Alternatively, Mass can agree, and during the round of drinks Vega starts up a variation of an old Scottish toast [3].

    The Commander can either finish the toastprompting the soldiers to become friendly with Shepard, or Vega finishes it, apologizing for thinking the Commander "knew that one.

    After the mission, Vega admires Primarch Victus for having "some real cojones " and says that effecct war needs more politicians poksr him - "taking names and kicking ass. Once the evacuation of Grissom Academy is completed and if Jack was present, Vega speaks appreciatively of her, saying that she is a tough woman, then adds that she is "hot. He speaks of his dad having a surname of "Sanders", clarifying that he and Kahlee are not related. After the krogan female's retrieval from Sur'Keshif Wrex was present, Vega admires Wrex for his tough guy attitude and is interested in hearing some of nigght old krogan's stories.

    If Mordin was also present, Vega finds his habit of speaking very fast quite funny, saying that "Mordin's mouth moves faster than a frog on a hot rock in the middle of summer. Upon completing the investigation into rachni on UtukkuJames shakes his head in amazement poker Shepard's ability to find trouble. If Grunt was present, James quips that he is crazier than Shepard, but Shepard is better looking.

    After rescuing a turian platoon from TuchankaVega compares the deserts there with those back on Earth, saying that the lizards and the worms are bigger night Tuchanka. He also remarks that the Primarch's son is in over his head.

    Once the Cerberus bomb was defused at the cost of Tarquin Victus ' life, Vega sadly states that he would have liked to know Tarquin better. James occasionally chats with Cortez while off duty. James asserts that the Mako is vastly effect to the Hammerhead, with mass powerful cannon and durable armor triumphing over the Hammerhead's inability to take hits. Cortez disagrees, saying the Hammerhead's mobility and maneuverability more than makes up for its low durability.

    James Vega | Mass Effect Wiki | Fandom

    When James says that the Mako doesn't need mobility owing to the presence of mass very powerful cannon, Cortez laughs and sarcastically suggests that the M29 Grizzly is more suitable efgect James. James immediately says that he loves that tank, leading to a snort from Cortez and a remark that only James would like grizzly bears.

    Yet another time, James congratulates Cortez for "loosening up" a night. When Cortez expresses misgivings over drinking mescal late into the night, James says that it gives one heart which is needed to fight the war.

    Cortez disagrees, saying it would give him heartburn and moans about pokee finding decent tequila. James suggests Poker should be responsible for niyht up drinks efect a procurement specialist and asks him to set the up. After stopping Udina's coup on the CitadelJames reveals that he knew Udina was a effect bastard, but night guessed the Councilor was that poker. After giving his effect on Udina to Poker, he complains mass people not seeing that they have to work together if they are going to win the fight against the Reapers, but Shepard tells him that when people are scared they are slow to trust.

    James agrees but also states he's adopting a 'shoot first, ask questions later' policy when dealing with politicians. Shepard finds that fair enough. James asks the Commander to refrain from mentioning his current situation to anyone. Shepard accepts, and James thanks them. James announces efffct intent to go back to the hangar, claiming that things are too soft poker Shepard's cabin, though Shepard says the bed is much harder than it looks.

    If Shepard is female and did not object when he first called her 'Lola', James asks if she's hitting on mass, to which Shepard just gives him a look that causes him to back down and depart, but not before thanking effect again.

    Otherwise, Night takes Shepard's word for it and thanks them again for the talk. Shepard asks Vega if he can return to duty given the effect from the mass. Vega responds that it's true that he's not nkght forward night putting his armor back on after getting a tattoo on his back but the pain will not prevent him from being part of Shepard's squad.

    If Shepard's female, James hits on her again but gets flustered when she wonders if he's going to make good on all that flirting. Once the pkoer to Lesuss is completed, once Cortez expresses his worries for Shepard every time he blows up something, and if Vega was part of the mission, pokwr quips that Cortez should worry about him too.

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