Ironman 70.3 races with kona slots

ironman 70.3 races with kona slots

Over qualification slots are available this way and are not included in any of my analyses. Swim times trend slightly faster at the mid point, but are consistent at the front of the field. DNF data is available for the last decade and shows that in recent years the racws DNF rate has risen for the Hawaii race. Perhaps a change in course or timing had some impact here? Slower age group bike medians are the only clear difference compared with the past decade.
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  • This post is going to look at how Kona slots are currently being allocated.

    ironman 70.3 races with kona slots

    Until a couple of years ago I relied on best estimates for the method Ironman used. Then a picture of the allocation spreadsheet from a race made it possible to replicate the maths.

    For a while my allocations matched race with allowances for variations in start numbers — the official figures. This year it become apparent that Ironman had changed their method and my numbers were no longer doing the job.

    Triathlon racing in Pucon has a steep history dating back to , and in it was one of the first races to join the IRONMAN family of events. The Chilean race has hosted a "who’s-who" of IRONMAN royalty, including IRONMAN World Champions Paula Newby Fraser, Mark Allen, Peter Reid, Heather Fuhr, Lori Bowden and Chris McCormack. By Raymond Britt-- To get to Kona, you need to qualify, and to qualify you need to win one of the very few Kona slots in your age group. For the season, we estimate slots are available from 28 Ironman races and 7 Ironman races. See Ironman Qualifiers and Slots per Race The + race slots are allocated among 27 Ironman qualifying races and 6 Ironman events (was 5, but 30 Ironman China slots were awarded to Ironman Philippines), as shown above, race by race; The slots each race gets (e.g., Wisconsin = 65 slots) are allocated among age-group divisions.

    The only information to work with is pictures of official allocations that make it out into forums or social media. Changing the methodology used to allocate slots also changes their distribution across age groups.

    RunTri: Ironman Races and Kona Qualifying Slots by Race -- Season

    Ironman Texasone of my test cases where the official slot allocation is known, offers a good example of this. The charts above show the distribution of competitors across the male age groups at Texas.

    Below that is the slot allocation using the new method — this is also the allocation published on race day. For the larger male age groups we see a small boost in slot wity.

    CoachCox | Age Group Kona Slot Allocation

    Ironman Texas is a championship race with 80 slots and women make up a larger proportion of the field in North American events. Elsewhere, with fewer women racing and 40 slot events you can expect to see most female age groups receive the 1 slot minimum. Virgin Islands 30 slots —Ironman Withh change comes as Ironman works to allow for the increase in Kona slots that will come from slote added full-distance Ironman events.

    Given the number of athletes who exit the water at approximately the same time in Kona, the event is at maximum capacity.

    CoachCox | Ironman Hawaii Age Group Results and Kona Qualification

    Ironman CEO Andrew Messick says that he hopes not to have to decrease the number of slots being handed out at the marquee Ironman events, but a change has to come from somewhere. Ironman Croix race director Tom Guthrie had somewhat anticipated losing the slots in May, when the race is held, before World Triathlon Corporation WTC, owners of Ironman notified him about a month ago. As is often the case the impact is less noticeable at the front of the field where times are more consistent across the years of racing.

    Roll down will affect these times and in the case of Ironman You can look at other Kona statistics on my Kona qualification page.

    How Losing Kona Slots Will Affect Races – Triathlete

    Times for the top twenty in each age group vary but often trend behind the average, particularly for the younger age groups. The top placings, those close to the Kona slots, are more likely to be average or above.

    “Qualifying Races" means those certain IRONMAN® ®-branded races identified by IRONMAN, in IRONMAN’s sole discretion, where Pro Athletes may compete to earn a Pro Qualifying Slot. A current list of Qualifying Races and Pro Qualifying Slots can be found on . The IRONMAN Xiamen will offer 30 qualifying slots to the Vega IRONMAN World Championship in Kailua-Kona, Hawai’i. Eligible athletes receiving a slot can either accept a slot to the IRONMAN World Championship or a slot to the IRONMAN World Championship (but not both). Kona & WC Slots Kona & WC Slots Home XC Events Kona Slot Allocation XC Events Kona Slot Allocation. World Slots FAQ. IRONMAN XC Apparel & Team Race Kit; TERMS: $3, USD deposit upon XC acceptance, remaining balance due 45 days prior to the event ; .

    Further back in the field this year appears to have been slower. Ironman

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