Hp johnson guaranteed roulette system

hp johnson guaranteed roulette system

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  • If won you cancel off the first and last numbers. You have to get this clear before you continue. Each time you lose you distribute the numbers into the scale. The idea is to keep stakes low and take on extreme adverse run.

    This is what happens after johnson first loss. The guaranteed column is your starting string. The second column is after you distribute the numbers into the scale. The first number is 5 not The last number is Lost again.

    Your log is now like this. You lost. You add 5 into each number, meaning you distribute the scales to keep stake low. Remember bet first plus last number. You lost again. Now you distribute the roulette. Add 5 to system number starting from the bottom.

    Do it yourself. Continue to ysstem this for the next few losses jognson see what happens.

    Monte Carlo Roulette | HP Johnson | Gambling Help

    Now what if you win. Each time you win you cancel off the first string and the last string. You only need seven hits. This is irrespective of the number of losses you encounter. Sounds great! So you break the bank. No, there is a catch. The catch is how HP Johnson split the scale, rebalances the scale and creates virtual partnership play.

    So, you jhonson to split and rebalance the scale until winning streaks overtake the losses. This is how HP Johnson handles the catch. If you look at the table above, you will find that eight numbers with So, HP Johnson rebalances the scale. In fact, HP Johnson plays three pairs of partnership in all three even odds game in roulette.

    Can someone please explain this? EDIT: found more explained version in pdf. Okay, the main idea is that the string always stays the same length! Lets say the string has a length of 6, after a loss you will guarangeed the numbers so the length of the string will remain the same, so that no matter what happens you just have to win 3 times.

    If a number in string is bigger then 16 units, split the number!

    hp johnson guaranteed roulette system

    Cheers, Jordsie. Hi Jordsie, Thanks for replying. I'm glad someone has shown interest in this method as it does seem to be the best labby guarxnteed apart from the splitting thing that i don't understand. I get your explanation using just a standard labby line, but how does it work with the HP johnson method as above?

    I mailed the writer of that article, if you still have any questions mail to the writer: soondr gmail.

    hp johnson guaranteed roulette system

    Gamblinghelp provides free gambling courses to help gamblers in recreational gambling, professional gamblingquit gambling. Can you tell me more about the late Arthur Irwin Bruce, his auto-biography and the gambling system he played?

    It is generally johnson that Arthur Irwin Bruce is one of the most talented professional gambler during his era. Arthur Irwin Bruce was a dental technician before guaranteed took up professional gambling. He died a tragic death when he was shot by his step-son. Basically, he played a modified form of split labourche.

    His remarkable success resulted in all the five largest casinos in Roulette barred him from play. He then set up system schools throughout United States to teach people how to gamble. It was said that the fund to set up the sixty schools came from his casino winnings.

    You may have seen his video presentation where he demonstrated his play known as the midas touch system. However, I found that his video demonstration is incomplete. He did not explain whether he took loss when losing streak hit his bankroll limit. In particular, he did not explain how he handle the big numbers in his series. HP Johnson is a professional roulette player. His remarkable success is documented in the method he invented.

    Loss of a series is not encountered in several years of play in international casinos throughout the world. Stakes never go higher than what he capped.

    HP Johnson | Gambling Help

    Not a single losing series. I have tested, modified and rou,ette HP Johnson system for many years on and off. Indeed, it is the greatest system I have ever come across. Simply awesome, amazing, fantastic! No words can describe.

    Free Gambling Courses

    However, HP Johnson never became famous. Not many people have heard of him. Unlike Arthur Irwin Bruce who became famous because of three major events that drew public attention. First, he was barred from the five largest casinos in UK. Third, he died a tragic death when he was shot by his step-son. Psychodynamic theory of gambling can be used to explain why gambling is highly addictive.

    The addictive effects arise as a result of the psychological flicks created by win-lose situations as well as misses and near misses. Psychodynamic theory can also be used to explain gambling tilt.

    H.P Johnson Method

    An important application of psychodynamic theory is cognitive behaviour therapy used by psychiatrists and counsellors to treat compulsive gamblers.

    Many professional nohnson also know how to use psychodynamic theory to help them to stay off gambling tilt. Both are researchers and roulettw psychiatrists. In short you can consider Sigmund System as the father of psychodynamics and Carl Jung as the top disciple or follower of Sigmund Freud.

    Their theories can be used to explain the behaviour of gamblers. When social scientists do research work on any topic, they generally use a qualitative research methodology. Guaranteed three most popular methods are grounded theory, ethnography and guaeanteed johnson. Ground theory is the brainchild of Glaser and Strauss. Social Science Theory of Gambling Tilt. Ego is one roulette the important elements of psychodynamic theory.

    Ego and gambling is primarily the reason why all gamblers go on tilt.

    May 26,  · HP Johnson Guaranteed System is the best system to create system bias to win in gambling. 2. Arthur Irwin Bruce Midas Touch System comes second. 3. Monte Carlo Roulette System comes third. 4. Understanding the differences among the three methods are important for training purposes especially in professional gambling. Bob loves the horses, but is also big on craps and roulette, where he uses very simple betting systems, plus The Guaranteed Profit System, to earn ‘pocket change’, as he calls it. >>And when you order The Guaranteed Profit Money- Management System, we’re going to include, absolutely FREE, Bob’s Go With The Flow Craps and Roulette. May 22,  · HP Johnson Guaranteed System and Arthur Irwin Bruce Midas System are known historically to beat games of negative expectations.

    Whenever I present any system with negative expectation, I always got attacked by fellow players. If the game has positive expectation, you start off with the lowest limit. The positive expectation will help you to make the money. Then you move up one level. If you start by losing, your positive expectation will come to your rescue. Then you move one level up again.

    All games with negative expectations are not suitable for long term play. You cannot play the same way like above. You have to hit and run. Allow me to make this hypothetical assumption: This is very important.

    Bear with me until you read twice. Please do not attack me. Assuming it is possible to play this way. Then you can assume that you are unlikely to lose in a lifetime of play.

    HP Johnson Guaranteed System | Gambling Help

    If say, ten thousand players play this way, then it is very likely that one will lose in a lifetime of play. So, how do you optimize this martindale string such that you will not lose way out of proportion sstem your win and your win is not a miserable one unit at a time.

    All professional methods dealing with smart chasing of losses all uses this aspect of optimization. You just have to follow my blog.

    Slowly I will illustrate one system after another the concepts used by professional until you become crystal clear about this concept. When we win we want our unit to be higher not one unit. When we lose we want our large numbers to be much smaller. And we also want to maintain that we do not need to hit more times to win, just joohnson in martindale. Ratio of 4.

    This method of play does not have the problem of martindale yet has the power of martindale. And our high stakes is never high because we split the number when it gets too high. If we are hit by adverse run at this point, our string gets longer and longer. That means we keep splitting our numbers into more numbers.