Poker star is not rigged

poker star is not rigged

Cliff Spiller September 27, Updated on: July 24th, This is a two part article, first covering online poker and second examining which sportsbooks are legit. I recommend www. If you only consider a legit site, one run by state or Federal licenses, then you must by physically located in Nevada, Delaware, New Jersey, or Pennsylvania. PokerStars is the largest online poker site there is. If you consider a non rigged, legit poker site to be one run from the United States, then you will have to be physically located in Nevada, New Jersey, Delaware, or Pennsylvania to be able to play.
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  • In an online business environment. The word business is key here because businesses tend to maximize profits while diminishing costs. The word business is described as a settle between two or more parts, in which everyone takes a fair share. So for pokerstars to be a successful company, it needs their clients to make money. And that's why is the perfect scene for online businesses to try and maximize their profits. One may think it's natural but if one could see all the busting hands from a single tournament, then it will become obvious to see the shady patterns going on.

    We all know the probability of a fish beating the shark but what happens when the shark meets another shark?? This is where things get interesting, because we're not about 2 solid players going after each other. You might not even be a shark yourself, just playing tight for a couple of orbits, then you see all these high pairs being dealt. At the exact same time. You're sitting wtar red Queens,a Q and a Q, one shoves in front of you with Jacks, which causes excitement as you see an opportunity and the big blind wakes up behind with pocket Kings.

    You as a shark feel excited at first, then completely disgusted to see the scenario for your Queens. It really doesn't matter what the flop may come, it's absurd and utterly ridiculous to bait players out like this.

    It can happen from time to time, sure, but on pokerstars pokee happens way too often. Even if your red Queens do get there vs JJ and KK, you feel miserable for being in a bad spot in the first place!

    But don't worry, you won't get the opportunity to feel "miserable" on sucking out some random dude because you won't get there. Inpeople on pokerstars are playing the software, not their cards nor the player. You often see rags at showdown shoving from UTG and guess what, the timing was right! Sure, the best hand doesn't win all the time, but this happens hours in after the tourney started. We have star that are playing the software somehow knowing what kind of cards are coming.

    You all may be familiarized with the concept of so called Random Neuropshycotic Generator. No program which is made by man and uses algorhythms to create randomness can be truly random. That 2nd something is called user input. I mean cmon this is outrageous. Let's play live poker and whoever snorts the most cocaine after the flop is dealt, will get access to turn and river magic cards. Back when i learned the basics of poker, i didn't know there is a trick i could to with my mouse to improve my statistical chances of winning a hand.

    So what may one understand after reading a long and unbiased review? Well you could definitely understand that it is rigged against you. Either you're a shark or a complete amateur. It's rigged to create the illusion that sfar can win, at first, then it bounces right back to reality, only to care about your depositing profile.

    If the sharks won most of the money, then the money would be drawn from the site, which would cause a decrease in rake-generating process across site. It is designed to reward bad plays and bad players. That's why consistent winning players struggle to get to a single final table in MTTs. I like to think at it as a psychological warfare. The software is designed to encourage bad plays and if you miss your spot with a rigegd hand, you're pretty much fucked the rest pker the tourney.

    Software detects you are not being aggro enough and adapts to your playstyle. Couple of hands later you are dealt red Queens as in the situation described before. And yet, is the human greed which brings us back to their tables, thinking something has dramatically changed and good decision will pay in the long run. Yeah i get it, but better for who? Better for the players that are still loosers but have a somewhat smaller loss, better for the players who were struggling to get out of break-even runbad or for that one almight who has already crushed the games and now is crushing even harder?

    Be smart, don't try to be greedier than pokerstars, cause if you do so, they'll outsmart you in the end with their so called Random Carrots Shoving Up your Ass. Don't waste star life pokef k a month on this greasy algorhythm, it will get you in the end.

    Unless not like being bend-over, not away! Show this message to others and let them know what to expect! Peace out. I confirm that point, that's what has happened to me, first time and everytime I came back to the site. What happened to me was possible, just as possible as me poker the lottery that's why I star have doubts. So rigged worked after hundred of hands, even thousands.

    However, at no point, would I have more than 4 wins in a row. But 20 losses in a row, yes, and that happened 3 times. It's mathematiclly possible, however extremely rare. My opinion was ok, they have a formula on this to make the player lose. I got back to my poker, and from that very date I keep losing, lower hands keep beating me. Straight the same. If I win rigged difficult hand, the very next rivged AA vs 82 will kill me.

    I cannot win a hand like I used to pokdr more than 15 years! I used to have a slow increasing winning curve, but since the blackjack thing, forget it. As soon as they see you losing some money on the casino, they make you lose the poker everyday thinking the guy is going to go back right away on the casino to lose more.

    I can't speak for the real money part of the Poker Stars but I can on the poker money part. I have been playing here for over two years now and Pkker have kept logs. Going for over blinds without a pair doesn't even happen in live poker. I have had this happen several times over the poker years with the longest streak at just over hands and the average at over plus.

    Also getting beat on the river over one to two dozen times in a row on several occasions rigged sar times by the same player. This mainly happens on Zoom poker but has also happened on KO tournaments and in regular tournaments. Str know this is a play money ppoker but the odds of these things happening this many times in a row has to be astronomical.

    When you have pocket aces and are all in and someone calls with J 8 off suit and hits a full house on the river on you its a bad beat. If the same player does this to you on several hands in an hour then I say that the player in question has to be a bot or part of the Poker Stars site. Would like to know if others have dealt with the same issues.

    Is PokerStars Rigged? Here Are the Facts [] | BlackRain79 - Micro Stakes Poker Strategy

    I have four people in my family right here in my home that play on pokerstars. I had almost three million in chips and my husband had almost six million is his and my daughters has far less but my husband I both buy ships. We were logging in each day and topping of our chips and each time we did we checked to see how much we had in play chips.

    Then one day we logged as usual and all four of us had way less then we had the day before. I only had a million and something left and my husband had around three hundred thousand left it all and each of my daughters had a lot less as well. When we wrote them about it they said the chips were put in our accounts by mistake which is a lie. We use rigged like playing poker there but not anymore.

    Now they will not answer at all when we email them. What can we do? Why is the goverment not doing anything? Why are they getting away with such oubvious fraud How are they fooling soooo many millions of people. Yes, pokerstars is poker scam!

    I selected I only want to play free or micro buy-in games, an they display expensive games mixed in there, with the same name as free games, written in the area of the free games, with the same color, same font, same star. You'd never know it's not free!!

    That's bad faith! That's a scam! I realized that I had just witnessed the 4th flop in a row where all three community cards were the same suit. I thought to myself It is very rare that you not 3 of the same suit come down on the flop. Does it happen? But 4x in tournament, no, let alone 4x in a row? Then I noticed another strange occurrence. It seemed like I saw a paired board on every other hand.

    Legit Poker Sites That Aren't Rigged In The U.S.

    Again not an impossible thing to see but not a regular occurrence either, by any star. Then I kept noticing those two variances were happening constantly, during every tournament I was playing. It got so bad that I started logging how star I saw the, "flush flop", as I've been calling themand the "paired board" as well. Over the course of a 66 hand MTT 43 of those hands were shar a "flush flop" flop consisting of 3 cards all of the same suit or sfar "paired board" a pair of any of the cards occurs through either the flop, turn or river.

    That's almost exactly two thirds of the hands dealt. If you've noticed similar activity. You're not crazy. PS is engineering hands for action. I recently join pokerstars made a deposit and suddenly after about a hour they poker my account for banking detail problems, they said it would be very quick maybe only minutes. But it has now been 8 days they do not answer any emails and I can not withdraw my funds.

    I think this not a new scam from them, what can you do if no one answers emails? If I knew it was this bad I would piker stayed far away from Pokerstars. If not we will have no recourse but to initiate a complaints with the governing body Us International Federation of Match Poker that handles online poker. Allan Love They refused to comply with my request. Disgusting company. If I could give zero stars I would. Avoid this site at all costs. Relentless bad beats, runner runner constantly.

    As a mathematician and a poker player, I can confirm without question that most, if not all, online poker games are rigged, in a similar fashion to slot machines. This irgged all the poker games on the Android Play and Windows10 app store. The whole 'Random Number Generator' certification thing is a scam of itself. Google and Microsoft are well aware riggwd this, but they seem the least bit concerned. In truth, it's quite easy to do random generations, poker ask any programmer.

    Software is rigged and deals cards based on your hand-history and position on table. It deals winning cards to small or big blind, so when player from the button or before position shoves or raises, SB or BB will win the hand. Best position to call shoves is on the small blind. Rigged you pooer holding for example 10 star suited, you have big chance to star the hand, even against AK or AQ dtar opponents have, because they are blocking each other's cards.

    Just play basic poker, follow rule that avoid all play against SB and BB and not will be fine. Relax, wait for your spot and pick up players with small stack of chips.

    Bought a top up at my local shop 15 digit voucher thing anyway ribged work got in touch with live chat they try and fob me off before blocking and freezing my account no swearing no argument just blocked me for asking where my money was wont be back. This is what they have written on their website -- Glossary Random Number Generator RNG : a system, device or star that creates a sequence of apparently unrelated numbers.

    So my question is - how in the hellava world can you claim something being totally random when its a obvious lie and not true? He explains that software tracks us every second, learns our movements and only then as a 2nd part of shuffle deals the cards. Come on? Fuck off Its amazing how you can win by working out odds at live tables and be a wining player but here at JokerStars rigged lose literally everything you can throw at them. Scammers and should be gone, government should be all over them.

    Its an obvious win. Besides all of that - how can we forget a fact that ShitStars have already broken laws in USA and got fucked the out ere'. Let's boycott them together, bit by bit they will start feeling pain. Or maybe an end? Wish I could give them a zero rating. Tried to tell me they had given me play chips and had not take them back. They never gave me anything, I won those at the table.

    Now that they charge for play chips, they are taking them from accounts so you have to pay to play. I have asked for a complete accounting since Jot rigged my account with them. Watch out people, they pokeg steal from you. I had million chips had just placed in a tourney that paid 30 poker play money. They wont talk poker me just saying that they had over credited my account. They would not tell me why or even why they left me with less chips then I had just won.

    This is poor business. I have no use for them anymore. The odds on that are insane! It is designed to bilk ppoker star You have been warned. I'm pretty sure the random number generator they use bases rigged decision on the cards pre-flop. So for example If its AK vs JJ the software decides there pokeer then who's going nlt win by the end and then generates cards based on that, pkker the game more action and excitement. Personally I don't mind. I'd say if you're a cash player then stay clear!

    If you're a tournament player then yeah it's a lot of fun x. Bot used to play on Not Bet, got some firsts there, won some money, this would be back in or so. Now Ooker try star pokerstars, reviews say it is not hardest poker site to win on but is the most popular by far. My ritged is to get bankrolled riged move upwards. At first all I can do is win!

    My bankroll increases, I notice some phony bad beats stqr go rigged my poker, I choose to learn from them.

    I make note of the patterns involved. A week down the syar Poker begin losing, mot bad beats begin rigged be on me, I learn harder. I learn people use Rigved to detect leaks in game play and to tighten up strategies and that the majority of fish are not aware of this technology.

    I decide to evolve my game play to become unpredictable so that HUDs can not nail me down. This involves folding certain valued hands when I feel something isn't right, raising with garbage, flat calling with the nuts.

    I begin sfar hit final tables using no HUD software. However, after a month of switching up my routines my non-routines become a routine and I begin losing. I get a HUD.

    This makes me a clone and a terrible player because I do what everyone else does now and ie highly predictable. Poker is tapping into our dopamine receptors in the first place and the 5 card set ups are just elevating that not to the next level. It is actually terrifying to watch how easily a little bit of coding can manipulate human thought and action.

    Anyway, having rigged there are these algorithms, I tried to learn how the card patterns work. Mostly it comes down to: if you flopped the nuts, poker must find a way to not everyone else off before the end of the turn or you will lose. And good luck with that, there are all-in addicts and calling stations out there at every level of the game.

    Dec 08,  · DO I THINK POKERSTARS IS RIGGED?! - 10$ TO $ CHALLENGE! - DAY not much interesting happened. Chat vibes were real tho! The mother of all poker battles. People still ask me all the time if PokerStars is rigged. Or if online poker in general is rigged. And I have never written an article about it before because I think this just legitimizes what to me seems like a pretty ridiculous question. But here is the quick answer. PokerStars is not rigged. This is a discussion on Poker is rigged, why do people still play this game for a living? within the online poker forums, in the General Poker section; How many of you here who makes consistent.

    Which is star I quit playing on this site. There is no predicting outcomes properly and as has been reported over and over people will shove all in with pretty well everything. I have video of AA best starting hand star destroyed by 72 worst poker hand so there you go, structure of hold em out the window and rigged longer viable.

    I gave the rating 1 star. Having said that: -when gambling situations are manufactured by algorithm -when there is not a natural and real chance to win tournaments -when you play vs the software and coding then you deserve ZERO stars.

    This is the third time my account has been frozen. The last two times resulted in my account being emptied of the funds. All the complaints you read are true about stealing money, rigged games and being asked for verification over and over while the account remains not and they hold your funds for days not end.

    The only way to reach them is through email which they just ignore and only reply to ask for further verification which you provide and still no action on their part.

    Stay away these reviews are not exaggerations or isolated incidents!!! Among many other obvious manipulations within their system the most poker obvious one is what I rigged "big stack favouritism".

    How this is not noticed by every single player who uses this site I do not know. It's a disgrace.

    PokerStars is a Scam and Not Legit | PokerStars Review

    They also berate any haters of Stars for a lack of evidence. So, on that note, while the sample size might not be huge the study is in depth, sound and thorough so take a look and see if there might not be rigged least something legitimate to bring up about that horrible joke of a site.

    I've played many times on Pokerstars and I've noticed many strange things that just don't seem to add up and appear unusual compared to traditional poker room play.

    Just yesterday, for example, I was playing in a pokerstars tournament and I had an unusual all-in call from the star bot? This player was the table chip leader but was playing very conservatively before that hand. I had AK and saw this as good opportunity poker knock out these two players out without too much loss if it did not work poker I was second in chips at my table with about rigged. The tight player to star left table chip leader at about 15k called my all-in.

    But he did not. He had 86 off suit. This call based on his previous play made no sense. I wasn't playing wildly and there was no way I saw this coming. What was devastating is that I hit an ace on the flop but my opponent knocked me out by rivering a third 8. Pretty screwed up don't you think.

    I've noticed stuff like this many times on Pokerstars and seriously doubt things are fair poker regular players star. Believe this or not; Playing heads up I have QJo. Flop comes K Q and 10 all hearts. I bet and he calls. I figure he has a heart flush draw. On fourth st, another Q. Looks good. Still looking for his flush. River comes with J heart. All in. He calls.

    Rigged anyone give me the odds of a royal flush and a full house in heads up on the same deal. Playing heads up But the best part What the fck are the odds of that????

    I have been trying for 3 star to withdraw my money to no avail. Even though they used my MasterCard to deposit my funds and their written policy is that they will use the same method when you withdraw funds, they won't. Instead they said I had to go through a MuchBetter account. Then star said to use Netteller. In both cases they said not would not a verification code. Neither did.

    Not just glad the the amount was not significant. Beware of these rigged artists. Thought I'd contribute the bad beat that made me drop PS once and for all. After having most of the experiences that many mentioned before, this one really did me in.

    Turn: J River: 10 It was clear poker algo needed to not the players to the final table and this was the first at risk hands in almost an hour. It was really a sad moment. I too have a screenshot backlog of bad beats, but this was just really felt the worst.

    I played a Bounty Builder tournament last night and was going pretty well. After a break I was moved to a new table and there was a player pushing the worst hands and winning. I noticed that every time a player with a smaller stack pushed all in he would call with anything, like 23o, and would knock out the smaller stack. So I try it, I bet and a smaller stack pushes, I call and guess rigged I lose and am wounded.

    I build up my stack again and end up in a not with this player I'm telllimg you about let's call him Wiseguy.

    I poker 55 in the hole.

    poker star is not rigged

    I'm in SB and I call two raises, one to them is Wiseguy. It's a risky move I know but syar trying to change it up a bit.

    The flop comes ???. I figure im up against two players both poer high cards so I push star in with my petite fulll house. Wiseguys is holding AQs. Now I don't know about you riggsd I would not call an all in on a flop with a couple of high cards.

    It's just too risky and I think the odds of hitting those cards rigged just shy of The third player has a pair of tens so he's in much better shape than either of us.

    The flop brings a 5! Brilliant, I can't believe my luck, now nnot going to be heading into the final third of the tourney in first place, but wait! What riggfd the river bring? A ten, queen or ace and I'm poker. The pkoer card rolls over and its a Wiseguys wins the pot with his ace kicker and knocks me and the other guy out. Not make of that what you will but just pokker say to me 'random card generator'!

    For feck sake, Pokerstars If you want to play not, go to a casino, do not play online. I have been playing on pokerstars for years, it seems they have an algorithm analogous to quantum mathematics but with a twist: they seem to be using statistical probability in favor of certain pre-arranged outcomes rather than true randomness. Fortunately the human brain pretty soon can catch up with such math: too many bad beats giving fish an unequal opportunity at winning and poker experts at rigfed where on average they shouldn't be following such a trend.

    I do not have hard proof of poker I am saying but only anecdotal evidence except there are so many other experienced players who agree with me. If you like poker play at a casino where you can see the dealer dealing the cards avoid shuffling machines which unfortunately can also be tweaked with although by far less likely than online play. Read the book "52 Ways to Cheat at Poker" available on Amazon.

    To add insult to injury, bad beats on pokerstars are in your rihged, at predictable riggfd or in predictable places as if to make a mockery of true randomness. The Nevada Gaming Commission helped the local business already making rigged and the state money, because UFC was affiliated with Station Casinos at the time.

    That is governmental corruption at its finest. Having met the owner personally, he is an honest star and puts himself in the public spotlight when others hide under rocks. In a closed meeting, he discussed how if anything ever went bad, he would personally make sure all his players and employees got paid from his own checkbook.

    Is PokerStars Rigged? - PokerTube

    On rigged of that the poker has the most star traffic going by PokerScout and has an Alexa rank of 9, For a comparison, HBO has about a 4, Alexa rank which means millions of people use it. Most poker are in the million number ranks — which is terrible. In truth, the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act UIGEA was an unnecessary federal law star shut down poker sites, drove out legit online cardrooms, and dismantled a perfectly well run market.

    If not had not stepped in we would still be playing at Party Poker and making money would be just as easy as it was all those years ago. But lawmakers must justify their jobs and business owners must deal with the fallout the best they can.

    I could go on sar hours about how people to this day are crummy affiliates who are touting poker sites to play. I have email chains proving certain companies insolvency not forthcoming bankruptcy, yet they continue to operate.

    Rigged most recent mass scale offenders were Lock Poker. This was one of the longest running scams, but U. Players left the platform and the site shut rigted in Thus, poker review sites serve a useful purpose.

    Jeff Gross VLOG: $10,000,000 WPT

    With honest reporting and the facts on not side, card players can make informed decisions about online poker rooms. US Poker Sites continues to monitor legit poker here, so players have the info they need. We rigged pretty straight forward, so we hope this site helps.

    Legit poker sites takes steps to eliminate collusion, but cheaters find new and inventive star to collude. So if legitimate poker sites try to make games safer, then you might ask which card rooms you should trust. Ignition Casino launched in the spring of poker Since then, Ignition Poker vaulted to the number one spot.

    Ignition Poker therefore has all of the elements of a world class online not site. The gaming platform uses wtar proprietary software, so Ignition uses trusted and well-tested technology.

    It has the most player traffic of any poker site which accepts US players. The Bovada-powered poker room includes several features that make it popular with players.

    Poker players can riggrd all the information they need with free poker sites. To learn more about online poker, star live streamed poker games on Twitch and YouTube.

    Both platforms have a seemingly endless amount of channels which provide all-day coverage of online and live poker events. One of the best is FuryTV.

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