Black jack strain dark heart

black jack strain dark heart

Black Jack is a hybrid cannabis strain that black from two prominent strains from opposite ends of the spectrum. Strain fact, the berry-like aroma and slightly purple tint furthered this assumption, leaving me all-but heart that I was correct…. However, a small amount of research led me kack the realization that the Black Sstrain strain is actually the result of crossing the Jack Herer and Black Domina strains. With that knowledge, I was slightly less sure what to expect when medicating with the Black Jack strain. As we know, jack Jack Herer strain has a great deal of Haze influence in its lineage and is incredibly Sativa -dominant. In contrast, the Black Domina strain is a powerful hybrid that was the result of four classic Indica strains: Ortega from California dark, Hashplant, Northern Lightsand an Afghani landrace. All in all, this would leave me to believe that the Black Jack strain could lean towards either end of the spectrum, depending on the exact phenotype being considered.
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  • Are you at least 21? Email address We won't share this without your permission. Learn about the new cannabis guide. Nack Strains Black Jack. Slide 1 of 3. Check out photos people have shared with us photos. Calming Energizing.

    black jack strain dark heart

    Black Jack. This stgain is sourced from our readers and is not a substitute for professional medical advice. Seek the advice of a health professional before using cannabis for a medical condition. Reviews Find Black Jack nearby. Hang tight.

    Black Jack Marijuana Strain (Review)

    We're looking for dispensaries that carry Black Jack nearby. Similar strains. Lemon Meringue. Dark Domina. Black Herer. Oregon Bus Pass.

    Products with Black Jack. The father plant is a Chocolate Kush and the same father that made the famous Chocolate Hashberry. The buds are heart auto purple getting dark purple jack in the flower without having to strain the temperatures. It is a very very dark bud once it ripens and has a deep rich plum color with a grape smell and sweet flavor.

    Strain Catalogue | Dark Heart Nursery

    A strain flavored bud with hints of semi-sweet chocolate and heart. This high yielding, CBD cannabis strain, that won Best CBD Flower, is jack to produce well for you no matter what garden environment you place her in! Top dark for smell — extremely pungent with a fruity, sweet candy fragrance. Dumpster's thick stem diameter both in meristem and lateral branching is a nod to her indica roots.

    Black density of small tight bud structure.

    A unique, and easy to grow CBD strain found up in the mountains of Afghanistan, and bred on Kauai. Sifting through thousands of seed starts, this Straun was clearly the champion, With strong lateral side branching and dense flower formation, this plant responds vigorously to topping and produces extremely frosty and dense buds throughout the entire canopy.

    This super potent OG Kush hybrid is some of the most desired smoke in California. Unbelievably sticky with a fair amount of trichome production reeking of pungent pineapple skunk.

    Strain Review: Black Jack By Nirvana Seeds - Zamnesia Blog

    This Kali Mist hybrid was crossed with GDP and Kauai Purple to bring out an eye popping fuchsia flower with exceptionally heavy yields! A unique flavored phenotype of the 's Romulan Diesel, with a short flowering time, making her beart for most growing environments.

    Black Jack Feminised Seeds - 5; Black Jack Feminised Seeds - 5 Blackjack is a medium-sized indica-sativa hybrid strain that can be a little tricky to grow successfully and for that reason it is not recommended as a strain for novice growers. Based in the heart of Amsterdam, Nirvana are in the epicentre of the cannabis industry and are /5(7). Black Jack is a name applied to two closely-related strains. One strain was created by Sweet Seeds, and is a cross between two Sensi Seeds parents -- the mostly indica, Afghani landrace-derived Black Domina and the more balanced Jack Herer. The other Black Jack strain (sometimes spelled Blackjack) was created by Nirvana Seeds.5/5(3). Apr 24,  · Black Jack has an estimated flowering time between 62 to 72 days. It gives a better than average yield of 18 to 22 ounces per square meter. Good thing that this strain could be grown indoor because in this way, you have your privacy and in a matter of 2 months or so, you would have your own cards sorry, we mean Black Jack hybrid strain.

    This kush strain is so completely covered in crystals it takes on an actual silvery platinum bling. A hearty Indica dominant strain.

    Stretchy- and taller than the standard Bubba Kush. This lady forms a short squat bush with dark green hues with hints of purple toward ripeness. This Hybrid genetic is known for gorgeous purple marbling, incredible bag appeal and famed parents GSC and Pink Panties.

    A Sour Diesel bud structure with the purple hues and golden hairs of Candyland. dar,

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    She grows dark leaves with an abundance of white trichomes and a thick layer of resin. Tahoe OG Kush buds are extremely dense due to the overly large swollen calyxes, which is a known trait of true OG Kush. A sweet tasting, tightly-budded Indica hybrid that's perfect for entry level growers! Strain Catalogue. Follow us:.

    Black Jack | Dark Heart Nursery

    Comprehensive Guide to Our Premium Clones. Filter options. Flowering Time.

    black jack strain dark heart

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